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We are getting better at advanced sustainable initiatives every step of the way, even though they will always be a work in progress. Buying things that have already been produced can greatly reduce your carbon footprint. Catch a sign at what we are doing at Perrine Porter to support sustainable fashion.

Reducing production emissions

Methane is released into the atmosphere during leather production. More damaging to the environment than CO2 is this harmful chemical. In addition, large quantities of potable water are required for production and dust suppression during excavation. In comparison to a vehicle, the gold extraction process necessitates more complicated machinery that continuously burns gas at alarming rates. The reuse of previously produced goods will be encouraged by purchasing pre-owned product. Therefore, you will not add more emission into the atmosphere.

Our objective is to promote end-of-life solutions with a strong emphasis on textile reuse and address and participate in the ongoing expansion of domestic textile recovery.

Shop, sell, and repeat  

Perrine Porter is a platform for experiencing luxury shopping. We continue to encourage and embrace circularity in all aspects of the business as consumers consistently choose resale over fast fashion, paving the way for a more sustainable future for all.


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