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Authenticity Guarantee

In the luxury secondary market, we are regarded as one of the most trusted leaders. Consequently, product authenticity is of the utmost importance. Due to our expertise and commitment to only authentic products, you can rest assured that your new items will be authentic.

Authentication Process

We ensure that each of our products meets the industry's highest authentication standards. We collaborate with established third-party authenticators to evaluate an item's authenticity is even slightest questionable. These trustworthy specialists have undergone appropriate results and are well-known for their expertise in authenticity.

We only accept the authentication findings from a select few sources that are well-known for their expertise because of the proliferation of largely incompetent authenticators. These are (Hermès only), Authenticate First (All Brands), and (Chanel only). Only the findings of these experts' authentication will be taken into consideration.

100% Money Back Guarantee

There is a full money-back guarantee on every Perrine Porter purchase. We will give you a full refund of the original price if, in the unlikely circumstances, one of our trusted third-party authenticators discovers that an item is not authentic.


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