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Terms & Conditions


    1.1. Welcome to Before using or signing up for any services, please carefully read the following. Therefore, upon use, the following terms and conditions will take effect immediately. You are indicating that you have already accepted all of the terms and conditions by logging in to the platform and/or using the services. Please do not proceed and do not use any of our services if you do not agree with any or all of the policies and agreements.

    1.2. As a destination for brand-name product shoppers, Perrine Porter is an online platform where users can browse, order, and consign brand name products such as bags, clothes, shoes, accessories and home decoration. The information appearing in this website includes pictures, patterns, photographs, video clips, text and other materials collectively, the Content. It will be a platform that will make trading smooth. The purchase and sale contract that occurs will be a contract between the purchaser and the company only. It is the responsibility of us to supply high-quality items and to verify that those items are protected by copyright.

    1.3. Perrine Porter will be referred to as "The Company" in the following sections.

    1.4. The company cannot guarantee the success of your transaction.

    1.5. The timing of your transaction's completion is not guaranteed by the company.

    1.6. You must obtain permission from your parents or guardians to access The Company's platform and services if you are under 18 or the legal age to do so. Please do not use the service until you have received permission from your parents or guardian if you are unsure whether you are of legal age. Any harm done by this account will be your responsibility if your parents or guardians agree to this User Agreement.

    1.7. Any and all of our services may be modified, suspended, or canceled at any time and without prior notice by the company. We might change or remove some features that might not perform properly or be different from the most recent version. In addition, the business reserves the right, without obligation or prior notice, to limit or restrict access to any portion of the website.

    1.8. The company reserves the right to deny you access to the service or website or to deny to allow you to create an account, for any reason.


      2.1. The Company’s platform and services is limited to authorized users who are of legal age and have the legal capacity to enter into contracts under any applicable law.

      2.2. Users who have been suspended from using any service, either permanently or temporarily will not be able to use the service

      2.3. User agrees to the following:

      2.3.1. Use The Company’s platform and services according to the agreements and policies.

      2.3.2. Always use the platform and services provided by The Company in a legal manner.

      2.3.3. Not violating laws, including but not limited to export and import restrictions laws and regulations.

      2.3.4. Not use The Company for the purpose of fraud, unethical, misrepresent, deceive, or violate the rights of other users.

      2.3.5. Not impersonating another person or providing false information about their connection to any other person or juristic person.

      2.3.6. Not collecting information about other account owners, including but not limited to any personal information.

      2.3.7. Not access unauthorized information.

      2.3.8. Not access The Company using emulator, simulator, bot, or any other tools which are not manually accessed by you.

      2.3.9. Not interfere with, modify, or disrupt the service, server, or use of other users, including hacking.

      2.3.10. Not engage in any actions that have the potential to disable, impose excessive load on or cause the service, server, or network that is connected to the service to be defective, either directly or indirectly.

      2.3.11. Not use the service to violate or boycotts or trade prohibitions operated or enforced by Thailand and abroad

      2.3.12. Not violating The Company’s rights.

      2.3.13. Not use The Company’s intellectual properties without first obtaining permission.

      2.3.14. You agree not to use the information provided about the company for the purpose of uploading, posting, passing on, or creating any illegal content that is threatening, harassing, causing panic, deceiving, defaming, disrespecting, profaning, slandering, invading other people's privacy, disgusting, or displaying racism.

      2.3.15. You agree not to use the information provided about the company for the purpose of uploading, posting, passing on, or creating any content in connection with minors who are not under the supervision of a guardian or use the service to harm the minors in any way.

      2.3.16. Not remove any ownership notice from The Company at any time.

      2.3.17. Not taking any actions with the aim of undermining The Company’s working system, points, and rewards system, and any other of The Company’s systems.

      2.3.18. You agree not to use the information provided about the company for the purpose of uploading, posting, passing on, or publishing confidential content that you do not have access to or make them available to the public under the law, contractual relationships, or authorization (such as various internal information which is stated in a contract not to disclose to the public).

      2.3.19. You agree not to use the information provided about the company for the purpose of uploading, posting, passing on, or creating infringing content, trademarks, trade confidential information, copyrights, or other proprietary rights of others.

      2.3.20. You agree not to use the information provided about the company for the purpose of uploading, posting, passing on, or distribute material that has not been requested or authorized, including media such as junk mail, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or any other form of invitation that is not allowed by The Company.

      2.4. The user acknowledges and agrees that the user is solely responsible for the content's outcomes. Damage caused by uploading, writing, describing, emailing, posting, forwarding, revealing, or any other materials published by the user is beyond the control of the company.

      2.5. User knows that the company cannot control over uploading content, composing portrayal, messages, posting, sending, uncovering content, or some other materials ahead of time. In any case, users may encounter content that they find repulsive, obscene, or offensive. The company will not be held responsible for any harm caused by that content. The user acknowledges that they must evaluate and bear all consequences and risks associated with using the content, including but not limited to reliance on its accuracy, completeness, or usefulness. The user also acknowledges that they cannot rely on the accumulated content they send to The Company, including but not limited to information found in communities, discussion forums, and other areas of the site, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws. You can contact The Company at or through one of our other channels if there is content that you find offensive or that you believe violates these terms and conditions.

      2.6. The user acknowledges and accepts that The Company may access, maintain, and disclose the content and information in your account if required to do so by law, a court order, a government agency or other legitimate authority with jurisdiction beyond The Company, or in the good faith belief that accessing the information is reasonably necessary to: (a) comply with legal procedures; (b) enforce these Terms of Service; (c) respond to claims that any content infringes the rights of third parties; (d) respond to your obligation to respond to customer service inquiries; or (e) safeguard the personal safety, property, or rights of The Company, users, and/or the general public.

      2.7. Unless otherwise specified, all prices listed on The Company's platform and for our services include tax.


      3.1. The company places a high value on user privacy. For maximum user benefit in accordance with user privacy, please visit our website's Privacy Policy at

      3.2.  If a user agrees to these terms and conditions indicates that the user also agrees with The Company’s Privacy Policy as well.

      3.3. The user acknowledges that you and the company share ownership rights in user data.

      3.4. The Company will strictly comply with all personal data protection laws. Depending on the law, you can request information or have your personal information deleted.

      4.Intellectual Properties

      4.1. The Platform is regarded as the company's or its partners' intellectual property for all intellectual property contained therein. Before obtaining written permission from The Company, no one may use it for their own benefit. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the company reserved the right to enforce intellectual property rights.

      4.2. The following acts cannot be done to our intellectual property: duplicate, reproduce, edit, disassemble, change, distribute, re-publish, display, broadcast, link, mirror images, transfer, or forward in any way, by any means, regardless of whether they are stored in the information search system or installed on a server, system, or device, without the prior written consent of the company or the relevant copyright holder. You are allowed to download, print, or use informational documents from the company for your own personal use only, with no modifications permitted, and not for business purposes.

      4.3. Users, individuals or businesses, are independent and unrelated to the company in any way. The company is not an agent or representative of users, unless otherwise specified.

      4.4. If you believe that your rights or principal rights are correct and you are the owner of intellectual property rights (an "IPR owner") or an agent who is properly licensed by the owner of the IPR (an "IPR agent"). To support your claim, please send us the information listed below and a written notice to The company will respond to your complaint as soon as possible, so please give us some time to process the information you have provided.

      5.Account and Security

        5.1. To use The Company’s website, users are required to register an account with The Company by using email as a user ID, users can also use Facebook, Apple, and Google accounts to log into The Company.

        5.2. User agrees to keep the user information (username and password) confidential.

        5.3. User agrees to determine that the information in the user account is accurate and up-to-date.

        5.4. User agrees to use appropriate names for account. If the company notices that the name used is inappropriate, The Company reserves the right to amend and suspend service in that service and/or all services of the collector without prior notice.

        5.5. User will immediately notify The Company when the following occurs:

        5.5.1. Unable to access your account.

        5.5.2. Think that someone has used your account without your permission.

        5.6. If your password is used without your permission, the company will not be held responsible for any loss or damage. The company recommends that you change your password on a regular basis to cut down on the possibility of password leaks.

        5.7. If you do any of the following, but are not limited to them, the company reserves the right to immediately suspend and/or terminate the user's account.

        5.7.1. You have violated these terms and condition.

        5.7.2. You have multiple user accounts for illegal intent toward The Company or the law.

        5.7.3. The account has not been used for a long time.

        5.7.4. The Company and/or its assets are negatively impacted by your actions.

        5.8. To cancel the account, user must send a written request to The user is still responsible for any unfinished transactions as well as the effects of various previous transactions. The user assumes full responsibility for any harm caused by this request, regardless of any subsequent disputes or other consequences. In response to the user's request for this service, the user is willing to waive any claim against the business.

        5.9. If you live outside the country where the collection is made, you cannot use the service or create an account.

        6.Penalties for violations of service conditions

          6.1. If the user has violated the company’s terms and conditions, The company reserves the right to do one or all of the following, but not limited to:

          6.1.1. Send a warning letter

          6.1.2. Cancel all existing transactions

          6.1.3. Cancel all order

          6.1.4. Temporarily suspend user’s payments

          6.1.5. Temporarily suspend service

          6.1.6. Service termination (cancel the service account)

          6.1.7. Specified limits for account privileges

          6.1.8. Fines

          6.1.9. Civil proceedings

          6.1.10. Criminal proceedings

          6.2. If the user believes that another user violates the terms and conditions, you can contact us through the contact channels provided in 16.2

          6.3 If the user believes that you have been wrongly penalized, please let us know within 15 days after being penalized.

          6.4 If the user believes that your credit has been wrongly deducted or calculated, please let us know within 15 days after your credit has been calculated.


            7.1. Users can purchase products that the company shows product information including price, size, model, brand and type of product on the website.

            7.2. When the user submits an order, the company will notify you when the transaction is completed. If your payment cannot be processed for any reason such as a full limit card or the card is canceled. The company reserves the right to cancel your order immediately.

            7.3. The user is aware of the product's condition, which is stated and specified on the company's checkout page. If the product is in the same condition that was described from the beginning, the buyer will not make any claims or reject the product. The company will either inform the buyer to proceed with the transaction or cancel it if there are defects that go beyond the criteria set by the company. We will assume that the buyer agrees to continue with the transaction if they do not respond within 24 hours.

            7.4. Users can refer to The Company's product guideline on the product guideline page. if the product's condition is specified on the product guideline page, we are not entirely responsible for any misunderstandings.

            7.5. The delivery address information must be filled out completely and clearly by the buyer. The buyer is responsible for ensuring that the delivery address provided to the company is accurate. If there is any damage arising from providing incorrect information of your address, the company will not be liable for any damages that occur.

            7.6. Users can learn how to place orders, and how to fill out the delivery address at Help Center.

            7.7. If there is a return from the logistic company due to the buyer, the buyer is solely responsible for the cost of the return.


              8.1. Those wishing to consign can submit a consignment request through a personal shopper or via Line ID @perrineporter. The consignor needs to provide information about the product such as price, size, model, brand, type of product. product photos Including the appraisal price that the consignor expects to receive. The company will consider the proposal based on the quality of the product.

              8.1.1 The consignor should properly manage and verify that relevant information such as price, product details, inventory quantity, and the terms and conditions of selling are updated in the item’s detail of consignor. Do not provide incorrect or misleading information to the Company.

              8.1.2. The consignor determines the price of the items to be sold at the discretion of the consignor. The price of this items shall be included in the total amount to be charged to the buyer such as sales taxes, VAT, customs duties, etc., The Consignor shall not collect, additional or separate, extra charges from the Buyer and Perrine Porter.

              8.2. The Company will make an appraisal based on the following factors:

              8.2.1. Depending on the popularity of designs, condition of items, age, estimated time to sell item, price of comparable pieces in the market, and other factors.

              8.2.1. The Company will quote the price within 24 hours after receiving the consignment request.

              8.3. When there is an order to buy the items that you consign will be regarded as the start of a transaction for both buyer and the company. The consignor will bear all risks and transportation costs associated with delivering the items to the company to inspect before sending to the customer. In the event that the product is lost or damaged, the consignor knows that the company will only be an assistant to coordinate with the logistics company and the company will not be responsible for any damage that occurs.

              8.4. Once the buyer has made a payment to the Company, the Company will then notify the consignor.

              8.5. The Company is obligated to deliver the items that have been ordered via courier to the buyer within 2-5 days from the date Perrine Porter notified the consignor. Unless the shipping service is closed on various occasions and some special cases. The company is responsible for all shipping costs from the Company to the buyer.

              8.6. Consignor must understand that the Company only allows authentic products on the platform and the Company takes authenticity very seriously. If the seller’s product has been unable to identified as authentic, the company reserves the right to apply a penalty to the consignor, such as, but not limited to, reducing privileges and fine delivery fee, etc.

              8.7. Consignor must be confident that the products they want to sell are according to the company’s standard. Sellers must clearly state the condition of the product before setting up the listing. If the seller does not specify the condition of the product, it can be considered that the product is in perfect condition. If a dispute occurs, the Company may be, but not limited to, to reduce the amount paid, return the product, cancel the item, fine, etc.

              8.8. The Seller must provide correct and up-to-date shipping information to the company. In case there is any delay or loss due to falsifying shipping information, the company will not be held accountable for any of the damage.

              8.9. The seller agrees that the company may participate in promotional activities to stimulate transactions between buyers and sellers by reducing price, giving discounts or other methods at the discretion of The Company. The final payout will be the difference between the price specified by the seller when listed and The Company service fee plus the payment processing fee and other fees (if any).

              8.10. For the purpose of sales promotion of the listed products, the company may post such items (based on adjusted prices) on third-party websites (such as portal sites and price comparison sites) as well as other websites (domestically or internationally).

              8.11. The consignor must issue a receipt, or tax invoice to the company upon request.

              8.12. The consignor acknowledges and agrees that the buyer will be responsible for paying all customs duties and taxes for the items. The company cannot provide legal or tax advice on this matter. Since tax laws and regulations may change from time to time, it is therefore recommended that, if in doubt, consignor seek advice from experts.

              8.13. Consignor acknowledges and agrees that if the seller violates any policies The Company will result in various actions as specified in section 6.

              8.14. If the seller requires a full tax invoice, please contact us.

              8.15. If the seller requires a sale report for tax purposes, please contact us.

              8.16. If the seller has joined the company’s campaign, you agree to:

              8.16.1 Only send in products that are in the specified category

              8.16.2 Clearly state the product's model, size, and price

              8.16.3 List the items and submit the request through the company system

              8.16.4 Ship the item according to the predetermined date, time, and logistic channel

              8.16.5 Always include the order list in the shipping, the company will not be responsible for any damage or loss occurring due to not including the order list or mistake in the order list.

              8.16.6 If your item does not pass our inspection, we will return the item to you within 7 working days, and you will bear all the return cost.

              8.16.7 There will be a free storage period of 30 days, after which you will be notified to decide whether you want to extend your storage time and take back your item. If you have not decided within 3 days after the expiration date, the company will consider that you are willing to extend your storage time.

              8.16.8 You may receive additional benefits if you join our campaign, the company reserve the right to change the benefit without further notice.


                9.1 Users can only pre-order certain types of products.

                9.2 The user must pay the full amount or a deposit to confirm the pre-order. The required amount is shown on each product page.

                9.2.1 If the user has made a deposit payment for a pre-order, it is the responsibility of the user to provide information to The Company, including updating the user's contact channel through The Company’s customer relationship channel before receiving the notification that the product has arrived.

                9.3 When the user has paid the deposit, it is considered that the pre-order has been confirmed. Users will be notified of the confirmation of the order for pre-order products via the registered email.

                9.4 When the user has paid the deposit, it is considered that the pre-order has been confirmed. It is considered that the user acknowledges that they cannot change, cancel, or request a refund of the deposit.

                9.5 Users will receive notifications through the registered email when the items are arriving. The user must pay for the remaining amount after the deposit as shown on the order page to complete the order before the next delivery.

                9.5.1 Following notification via registered email and application, the company requires the user to pay for the goods within a predetermined time period. It is presumed that the user understands that it is their responsibility to check the notification within the allotted time.

                9.5.2 A notification message will be sent by the company at least once before the payment due date. The pre-order product will be considered canceled if the user does not pay the remaining amount, and the company reserves the right to refund the deposit.

                9.6 When the payment for the remaining amount of the items is completed, the company must deliver the items to the buyer within 2-5 working days after the company receives the items except in the case of force majeure.

                9.7. The company reserves the right to cancel some pre-order products. If found that the delivery cannot meet the conditions time or according to the specified amount, which the company considers as a force majeure event that is beyond the control of the Company. The company will notify the order cancellation and refund the deposit to the buyer in full amount that has been paid within 7-14 working days via the original payment method that the buyer made the transaction.

                9.8 The company reserves the right to change, amend, or cancel any pre-order conditions without prior notice. For example, but not limited to, the amount available for each product, the number of purchases per account, the expected delivery time, the deposit amount, etc.

                9.9. The consignor who has received a pre-order order agrees that the transaction will be completed without any cancellation.

                9.10. The company reserve the right to grant the right of receiving pre-order order at the sole discretion of the company.

                10.Services, service fees, discounts, and promotions

                  10.1. service fee of the company listed on your transaction confirmation page. Users are requested to read and understand before using the service. If there is a change in service rates and product values will be notified in advance through the communication channels specified in Section 16.

                  10.2. The company reserves the right to change the company’s fee or fee structure without prior notice.

                  10.3. If the user agrees with these terms of service, it is considered that the user agrees with the company’s fee.

                  10.4. The Company may issue a discount code and/or promotion. The terms of the discount code and/or promotion are specified in the Discount Policy and/or individual promotion page.

                  10.5. The company reserves the right to change terms and conditions in the Discount Policy without prior notice.

                  10.6. If the user agrees to the terms and conditions, it is considered that the user agrees to the terms of the Discount Policy.


                    11.1. Processing of the company’s payment will be done through third party payment methods.

                    11.2. Payment methods

                    11.2.1. You can pay via credit/debit card.

                    11.2.2. Bank Transfer

                    11.2.3 Installment via credit card

                    11.3. The company will not collect any of your payment information.

                    11.4. The Company will refund the user's funds in one of the following ways, depending on the user's preferences, if your transaction is unsuccessful due to problems or other circumstances:

                    11.4.1. Bank transfer

                    11.4.2. Credit back to your purchase card.

                    11.4.3. Store credit, the company reserves the right to only return to users who have already completed payment through the company. The company will refund the actual amount that you have paid.

                    11.5. In the case of cash refund, The Company will only refund the money via bank transfer, and we will only transfer the money to an account registered in the user's profile. The Company is not responsible for any damages arising from incorrect bank account information entry.

                    11.6. Your payout for the product will be the net price after deducting service fees and other fees, such as a payment fee, if the user consigns the product through the company. We will only transfer funds to an account that has been registered in the user's profile, and the company will only pay via bank transfer. Any harm caused by entering incorrect bank account information is beyond the control of the company.

                    11.7. The Company will not be responsible for damages that occur as a result of the delivery of payment information or incorrect filling of payment information.

                    12.Membership System, Reward and privilege, the Company Tier and The Company Points

                      12.1. Perrine Porter Points and Perrine Porter Tier Points may be awarded to users for all of their activities, including but not limited to product purchases, product sales, and participation in various activities. The Company reserves the right to change the specified details at any time without prior notice. The Company reserves the sole discretion over the specified points. User account will automatically participate, unless otherwise specified.

                      12.2. Benefits from Perrine Porter Points and Perrine Porter Tier Points do not have cash value and cannot be sold, transferred, or exchanged for cash.

                      12.3. Users can redeem various special benefits by sending requests to The Company, this is subject to The Company rules and regulations, which can be changed from time to time. This is determined at the sole discretion of The Company. If the transaction is not successful, The Company will return the special benefits in the form of special benefits, in which The Company refuses to return the special benefits in the form of cash, regardless of the circumstances.

                      12.4. Perrine Porter Points that you redeem will be deducted from your total Perrine Porter Points. The remaining Perrine Porter Points has an expiration date for each unit. Please check the details of your The Company Points under your account.

                      12.5. You are required to notify the company within 15 days, beginning on the day you receive Perrine Porter Points and Perrine Porter Tier Points or the day you should receive Perrine Porter Points and Perrine Porter Tier Points, if a dispute arises regarding the amount of Perrine Porter Points and Perrine Porter Tier Points you receive from an activity that you are entitled to receive. You may be asked to provide evidence to back up your claim by the company.

                      12.6. Taxes incurred as a result of using special benefits are not guaranteed and are not the responsibility of the company. If you use special benefits, you should ask your tax advisor if it changes the status of your tax return.

                      12.7. The Company reserve the right to (1) cancel the membership system, reward system, Perrine Porter Tier, and Perrine Porter Points at any time with at least 30 days' notice, or (2) suspend user access to the membership system, reward system, The Company Tier, and The Company Points at any time without prior notice.

                      13.Cancellation, exchange, return, and refund

                        13.1. Orders can be canceled at any time by users. Unless delivery of your items has begun, you will not be able to cancel the transaction for any reason.

                        13.2. The Company has no policy to exchange any of the products.

                        13.3. You can return the product and refund if:

                        13.3.1. The Pre-owned category is in perfect condition. In this case, it means product tags, including tags Perrine Porter's authentication is intact, and the product has no signs of use, etc.

                        13.3.2. Users believe that the received product is not the same as stated in the order and/or is a counterfeit. In addition, the company has verified that the customer's claims are true.

                        13.3.3. User notifies The Company within 2 days after receiving the products through.

                        13.4. The company does not have a policy to refund in cash. But will return in the form of store credit for the amount after deducting shipping and return costs. Store credit is valid for 180 days from the date of purchase.

                        13.5. The Company reserves the right to cancel the transaction between the buyer and the seller if it can be proven that either one of the users and/or both parties have violated The Company's terms, such as delivering the wrong product, sending in counterfeit, or conducting an ill intended transaction. Depending on The Company's policy at the time, The Company would like to remedy the buyer by means of money and may have other benefits as well. The Company reserves the right to modify or cancel this policy within prior notice.


                          14.1. Users acknowledge and agree that all product shipments in Thailand and The Company country of operation will be serviced or managed by the country's leading shipping service providers, or The Company owned delivery personnel.

                          14.2. For international transactions, the user understands and agrees that if the products being sold have been identified as being shipped from abroad, the above products are sold by sellers outside your country. The import and export of those products will be under the laws and regulations of that country. Users should understand all import and export restrictions that apply to a given destination country. Users are aware that The Company will not provide legal advice on this matter and agree that The Company will not be liable for all risks or liabilities relating to the import and export of the said goods to Thailand.


                            In the event that there is a problem in the transaction, buyers and the company agree to contact each other to resolve disputes by discussions. The Company will make reasonable efforts to facilitate. If the dispute cannot be settled, users can file a complaint with the court of justice in their jurisdiction to resolve disputes arising from transactions.


                              16.1. The Company may notify you via:

                              16.1.1. Communicate through various electronic channels, such as but not limited to email, SMS, social media communication channels such as Line, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc. The user will be deemed to have notice of the date of notification.

                              16.1.2. Communicate via post. The user will be deemed to have notice 2 days after the delivery.

                              16.2. You can send feedback and/or contact The Company at the contact us page.


                                17.1. There is no assurance on the part of the company that the operations carried out on our platform or the company service will always be available, accessible, uninterrupted, timely, secure, complete, or error-free. The company does not guarantee that we will resolve any issues that may arise. Additionally, neither the company nor its server can be relied upon to be free of viruses, Trojan horses, routing gates, time bomb traps, system clocks, worm counters, software lock spy devices, or any other malicious program code or components.

                                17.2. Users acknowledge that all risks arising from the use of the company operation and/or service vested in you to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.

                                17.3. The Company data visualization tools and charts exist for reference only. We do not encourage transactions based solely upon those tools without personal discretion. The company will not be held liable for any harm caused by decisions based on those tools, even if they result in losses.

                                17.4 The Company platform's size charts are generic brand size charts. Size configurations may vary depending on the model and brand. The size chart is only for informational purposes. We will not be held accountable for any harm caused by using the size chart that has been provided.

                                18.Exceptions and limitations of liability

                                  18.1. To the maximum extent permitted by relevant laws regardless of the circumstances, The Company will not be liable regardless of the contract for breach of warranty, including but not limited, to carelessness (whether proactive, acknowledged, or accused) of product liability (total liability or other theories) or other legal issues in accordance with objectivity, according to the law, or anywhere else:

                                  18.1.1. Loss of use

                                  18.1.2. Loss of profit

                                  18.1.3. Loss of income

                                  18.1.4. Data loss

                                  18.1.5. Loss of goodwill

                                  18.1.6. Inability to account for anticipated savings in every instance, as well as direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages resulting from the use of the company's service or the inability to use it, including but not limited to damage caused by mentioned thing.

                                  18.2. User acknowledges and agrees that the only rights you have regarding any problems or dissatisfaction in service is the request to cancel your account and/or stop using the service.

                                  19.Link to external parties

                                    The Company has no control over links to third parties. You use these websites at your own risk, despite their nature. The company is not capable in any capacity for the substance of the connected destinations or connections on the connected locales, including changes or updates to the said site.


                                    No more products available for purchase