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Authentication verification

Every item that comes through our doors is thoroughly and precisely authenticated by our team of brand experts. An expert in that particular brand verifies each item. Perrine Porter perceives that with validation, the unseen details are the main problem. We select the best and most skilled authenticators for each and every brand we sell because each brand has unique characteristics.

Identifiable damage and repairs

From top to bottom, our specialists in items care to go over each item that comes in. We perceive the significance of looking at all lashes, equipment, fastens, corners, inside linings, and inside each pocket for possible defect the item. The majority of the items we sell have no flaws at all, and some are in near-new condition.

Each item that comes in is also looked over by our experts to see if it has ever been repaired. If we do discover that an item has been repaired, we find out who did the work, why it was done, and when. We are aware that many luxury brands will not repair an item if it has already been repaired by someone other than them.

Identifiable Dirt and/or Odors

Nearly all of the used items we offer for sale on our website have previously been used, so they may have some dirt, smells, or other signs of use. Upon arrival, our care specialists clean each item thorough vacuuming and inspecting each and every compartment, slot, and pocket. Equipment is cleaned with special polishing materials. We will not try to clean an item that has stains or other more obvious signs of wear. However, our description will include this information.

Item Provenance

Knowing an item's provenance or ownership history is helpful when buying on the secondary market. Our sources buy the majority of the items we sell from a luxury boutique. However, in order to ensure that the items we accept are in good health, we note their provenance.

Dustbag check

Perrine Porter checks each and every item to ensure that the original dustbags are included. Dustbags are a must if you want to preserve your investment on an item. We provide a free Perrine Porter dustbag for items that do not come with one.


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